Levitation Photography

I’ve always appreciated those photos that some of my friends take usually when they’re on holidays or just when they’re in a giggley, hyper mood. Those kind of photos where the person is captured as a still in mid air. They always look interesting, due to the way they jumped at that moment and the particular background scenery around them. They’re just a little more amusing and different then the basic ‘stand and smile’ photos. Anyway, I just found out that it’s an actual art and it has a name, “Levitation Photography”.

All these images are sourced from the blog yowayowacamera, a Japanese photographer, Natsumi. Her photos consist of cats and levitating self-portraits. The Japanese word ‘yowayowa’ means ‘weak’ or ‘feeble’, which this photographer describes herself and her images as.

Her self description, “Since I’m yowayowa, it’s really heavy to carry SLR cameras around.” Lovely.


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