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Beautiful. Experimental artist Fabian Oefner has created a storm of coloured neon paints hitting the new Farrari California T sports car at over 150mph to emulate it’s speed. Love neon. Farrari’s are pretty nice too.

Ferrari paint storm

A Unique Stage for a Unique Performance from Ferrari USA on Vimeo.


Oh wow! This looks fantastic. Very nice mix of tribal and graffiti.  I wonder what the chances are of my friend letting me paint the neon on her again….

Source: We Heart It

Alas, the summer is finally here! Time to relax, take it easy, have a lemonade…. you could do this, but you could also start slapping on that UV paint instead of your factor +20 sun-cream. This is the time when all the festivals become alive all over the globe. Fortunately I already have my tickets booked for the Electro Music Festival Melt in Berlin. I’m expecting great weather and a fantastic time to be had. I highly recommend it or any of the following: Electric Picnic, Burning Man, Oxygen, Glastonbury, Pukkelpop, Sziget. Just to name a very small amount! But I’ve heard/know great things about all of these. So I leave you with some very nice visuals to get you in the festival mood. I love UV colours!

I had to add this. It’s graphic, UV and a lovely song – Soon We’ll Be Found by Sia.

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Fantastic composition. The movement and colour is striking and yet soft at the same time. Beautiful. This image reminds me of one of my favorite artists Zach Gold. His work consists of movement, photography and exploration. Check him out!

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