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I came across these in a trendy little market in Brooklyn a few months ago. Subway system maps of huge cities all over the world, designed with the most minimalist approach. I can’t seem to find much info on the creators of these pieces. Only that there’s a graphic designer named Cayla and an engineer named John. They have a site and a shop where you can buy the posters or t-shirts on etsy. Mysterious folk, but nice work.


This fantastic poster to me seems like a mix of the old and the new. Designed by Alberto Morales,  the dress and monochrom tone is quite old world Russia vs the photoshopped 3D overlay combined with sophistically positioned typography and minimalist textiles. This is quite the delight as these subjects are personal favourites of mine (Russia/3D).


Created for a school assignment under the topic ‘dead, dying or defunked’, Alex Cornell (a graphic design student at the Academy of Art, San Francisco) designed this very witty and graphically pleasing poster. This went along with a whole re-banding exercise including identity guidelines and potential future products to accompany the new look. In all, I think this works very well. While the re-brand stays true to the original minimal look, this creation gives it much more class and pizazz. Bravo Sir.