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I came across these in a trendy little market in Brooklyn a few months ago. Subway system maps of huge cities all over the world, designed with the most minimalist approach. I can’t seem to find much info on the creators of these pieces. Only that there’s a graphic designer named Cayla and an engineer named John. They have a site and a shop where you can buy the posters or t-shirts on etsy. Mysterious folk, but nice work.


Now I know that this line has been prominent in the ‘glossy mags’ and blogs of all ages galore! But, while I was researching where I’d love to work when/if I move to NY, I came across Prada’s video campaign for spring 2011. It’s brilliant! Of course the clothes are fantastic, the accessories are delish and the models ‘sont magnifique’, but the execution in production, it’s so basic, minimal, snappy and bold! Also, I’m pretty sure I detect one of my favorite bands Ratatat as the audio inspiration. Love it all!

Strike that, it actually is Ratatat, Mirando ^_^